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Unleashed Physical Therapy & Wellness in Carson City, NV...


“I was diagnosed with 2 bulged disks in my neck, C4 and C5. Prior to seeing Erin, I had been to 2 other physical therapists in Reno and Carson and didn’t get any relief. I am very active (horses, bicycles, motor-cycles, …) and I couldn’t do my normal activities with the pain and my hand going numb. I found Erin in Carson City close to work.”

“I thought, what the heck. It took a few visits, and she was able to start working her magic and boom, the pain and numbness was greatly diminished! Erin is very good at figuring out what the problem is and getting your body to respond to treatment. The crazy little exercises and hands on treatment by her, works magic. I was told by the neck doctor that I would be back to see him again for surgery. So far, with Erin’s help, I have been able to avoid that. And besides Erin being a good physical therapist, she’s an awesome person. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to get your body back to working as good as it can!””


“I can’t say enough about Erin. I originally was sent to her to help with a herniated disk in my neck. Through brief intense sessions, I saw results. After the work on my neck, I had the misfortune of being in a car accident. Everything done in the emergency room showed I was ok but my shoulder hurt.”

“I decided to contact Erin as she had done such an amazing job with my neck. She assessed me and recommended seeing my regular orthopedic physician as I may have been misdiagnosed. Erin was spot on. Further review of my MRI, showed I had a tear. I ended up having shoulder surgery and when given the choice for my physical therapist, I again sought out the help of Erin. Through her rigorous treatments, I have full range of motion in my shoulder. I admittedly would whine that she should take it easier on me, or that I needed breaks because of the pain. Erin never pushed me past anything I wasn’t capable of doing but she didn’t let me get away with not doing the work. I am so glad she didn’t because I wouldn’t not be in as great of shape as I am in. On a side note, not only was she a wonderful therapist who knew what she was doing, she was very easy to converse with while maintaining her professional demeanor. While I hope I never had the cause to need her services again, I know that if I did, I would seek her out specifically. “


“Erin is sensitive to your specific needs. Erin is easy to talk with and explain your problem areas. Erin has improved my quality of life with her knowledge and her hands on therapy. Erin will spend the time needed to stabilize and restore and improve your quality of life.”

About Unleashed Physical Therapy
& Wellness

Utilizing Physical Therapy hands on techniques and Pilates principles, we aim to help active adults maintain their current lifestyle and keep doing the activities they love, minimizing frustrating aches and pains. Every BODY is unique and with our one on one approach we design a personalized physical therapy experience by getting to the root of the problem and unleashing effective solutions.

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